spice up your relationship

Simple Things to Spice Up Your Relationship

December 19, 2019

Simple Things to Spice Up Your Relationship

Keeping the spice alive in an intimate relationship may seem challenging after spending a great many years with your partner, and especially after having children. However, all it really requires is the effort to remain attuned to your partner’s desires, and your own.

Instead of allowing sex to disappear from your busy and exhausting lives, prioritize it and always make sure you make time for it. Tease your partner, surprise him and encourage him to do the same. Men don’t need much encouragement, all it takes is a seductive smile and the desire to fulfill his fantasies.

You must be attuned with your own sexual energies in order to understand the desires of your partner.

Let’s take a look at some simple things to help you keep the spice alive:


Sharing Sexual Desires

Passion tends to fade away with the passage of time, and that is perfectly natural as we slip into the comforts of companionship and routines. If you want to keep the spice alive, you will have to put in the effort required to keep things hot. Whenever you feel like your sex life has gotten affected and the fire seems to be burning out, surprise your partner with your bold inner temptress.

If you are able to sense the boredom, it is only natural for your partner to feel the same. Communicate the issue and take control of the situation. It is important to communicate and share your sexual desires with your partner. Regale him with what you would like in bed, and be equally receptive to his desires. Give him a challenge to make things hot, and surprise him with the kind of moves and settings he desires.


The Art of Sexting

Sexting certainly keeps the fire alive, and it also helps create a sexual energy that reaches its climax until it’s finally time to get back home. Instead of your usual messages like, “how’s your day” and “what did you eat”, throw in a provocative text to make him miss your touch.

Describe what you are wearing under your clothes, or regale him with one of your recent sexual escapades and how much you yearn for his touch. Provocative images in his favorite lingerie styles are another remarkable strategy to get him to anticipate his return home. An unexpected sexting surprise is the perfect trick to build up sexual tension and keep him guessing.


Porn, why not?

Many women shy away from watching porn with their partners, mainly because they believe that it ought to be kept a secret. Sharing your preferences can help you appreciate each other’s desires, alongside getting some ideas for the positions you’d like to try out. If porn is too crass for your taste, watch a romantic movie, or read an erotic novel together.


Journaling your Erotic Thoughts

Writing your own erotic stories or keeping journals to record your own fantasies is another feisty strategy to build up the tension. Here’s a fabulous idea: keep a journal to record your fantasies and desires, and share it with your partner so you both can fill it up with idea. Then, designate a day to bring those fantasies to life.


Surprise Gifts

Send your partner surprise gifts at work or place them somewhere he is most likely to find them. These gifts can be anything provocative, such as your worn lingerie, a seductive message, a sex toy, or even an erotic novel or movie you both have been discussing lately.

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Prioritizing Sex

No matter how busy you both get, it is important to set sex as a priority rather than an indulgence. And strictly avoid scheduling as it creates a monotony and ritualistic vibe. Instead, always make sure you are free after dinner to enjoy a glass of wine and fiery foreplay with your partner.

Avoid bringing your work home after office hours, and encourage your partner to do the same so you both have time to romp around the bed. Instead of setting a particular time for sex, focus on creativity, such as planning outfits, experimenting with positions and using different locations around the house.

Couples with children often find it difficult to indulge in their sexual desires without being interrupted. It is important to create opportunities for you and your partner to enjoy some alone time by arranging other plans for the children.


A Bucket List

Keeping the spice alive in a long-term relationship can be challenging, but recording your fantasies and creating a sexual bucket list will help build up tension by giving you a great deal to look forward to. Engage your partner into creating a bucket list of all the sexual fantasies and risks that you both would like to try out, be it sex on the beach or some role play action. And then, go about fulfilling these fantasies.

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