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Valentines Day Tips for Single or Married Women

February 11, 2020

Valentine’s Day Tips for Single or Married Women

Written by: Topper Marie

Valentine’s Day can be rough if you single or if you have been married for a long time. We all know the hallmark holidays that can create a stigma for expectations in your relationships or in your life. What I want to discuss today is how you can get through it and actually enjoy it if you are alone or if you are in a relationship. Interesting fact, if you do not know the origins of Valentine’s Day, it actually originated from about 500 AD when two martyred Roman priests, one name Valentine, were executed. Not what you thought, huh? Well, the Catholic Church wanted to honor the martyrdom with the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day. Interesting right? I always thought it was made up by Hallmark. Nope.

Anyway, back to the point. I want to help you enjoy the day and rid yourself of any angst that you might be feeling. I know some married couples don’t care or don’t celebrate it, but it is important for people to feel loved on national or worldwide holidays. There is an interesting article on by Bruce Y Lee, titled, “If You're Not Happy During Valentine's Day, You're Not Alone.” Basically, he lists some reasons why it can make you unhappy or depressed. Some of the reasons are: 

  1. Being reminded you are not in a relationship or that you are in a relationship. Now, this can ring true to single women or women who may be in a bad relationship or an unhealthy one. If you are in a relationship and not happy then take the tips from the singles below. These will help you promote self-love.
  2. Being reminded that your significant other is not around. This can be from a tragedy or they can simply be traveling for work. I also suggest that any women who fall into this category use the tips for singles below.
  3. Being reminded of past relationships. Sometimes when you think about past relationships good or bad, they can affect the one you are in now. Fantasizing about an old boyfriend can lead to anxiety and stress in your relationship that is not necessary. Live in the moment. If you are alone for Valentine’s, then make sure to treat yourself.
  4. A big one I think a lot of people suffer from failing to meet expectations. Make sure to read the tips below on how to avoid this.

If you're reading this, then I am glad and here to help. If you are single and are dreading the day coming up, especially because this year it is on a Friday, here are some great ideas, from to get you out of your funk:


  1. Host a singles-only dinner party – you never know if you might actually meet someone there too! Maybe next Valentine’s you will be with someone if that is something you are looking for.
  2. Treat Yourself. Treat yourself to a massage, blow out, makeover or something else you love, pamper yourself. Self-care and love are so important.
  3. Offer to babysit your best friends’ kids, or your nieces and nephews. You will not only be helping yourself by being surrounded by those who love you, but you will also be helping out a couple that probably doesn’t get a break often.
  4. Bake yourself a delicious chocolate cake and drink champagne while you’re doing it!
  5. Go to your favorite bar or restaurant. Sit at the bar and enjoy a meal for one. I am sure there will be other singles there too. I used to love sitting at the bar, relaxing trying new foods and drinks. You can always chat it up with the bartender if they are friendly.
  6. Go to a comedy show. Laughter is the best medicine! You can go alone or go with friends. There are always great local shows playing. Just try to google it and I am sure you will find something, especially because it is on a Friday this year.
  7. Buy yourself something nice. All Bout Boobies has a great selection of gifts for women. You can buy yourself a beautiful vegan leather handbag to use on your date with yourself. Check out Canopy Verde collection for all really beautiful handbags. Or if you want to spark your self-love, we also have a great selection of vibrators.
  8. And last but not least, LOVE YOURSELF! Make sure to look in the mirror and remind yourself of how amazing you are!

 That about sums it up for tips for the single ladies or women who may be spending it alone this year. Now moving on to the married or attached women. I know it can be rough sometimes with the expectations of marriage and Valentine’s. My husband and I are typically working every year and hardly take the time to go out and do the typical dinner date for Valentine’s. I think in the 10 years we have been together we have done it once. Here are some tips of setting expectations that are achievable and won’t put a damper on the day:

  1. Speak Up. Voice your opinion. Make sure you tell your spouse that you want to go on a date, or eat in, or receive flowers. Men cannot and will not read your mind. If you do not tell them what your expectations are, then most of the time, they won’t meet it. 
  2. Buy yourself flowers. If you know your spouse is busy at work or not the kind of guy to go buy you flowers, or possibly your relationship is rocky at the moment, then what is stopping you from buying them yourself? Stop at the store and get yourself the nicest bouquet or plant. Most likely when your partner sees this, they will take a hint, and maybe next year they will get them for you.
  3. Be the initiator. Now, this comes from a tip my husband and I got from our marriage counselor. If you want to make love or go to dinner, then you initiate it. Start the night off right. Tell your partner that you have already booked the reservations or change into the sexy outfit you bought before they get home or while they are in the shower. Don’t wait for your partner to do it. You do it first. If you have maybe had a block in your sex life and are not in the mood…then try to take it slow. Ask your partner for a massage, this could lead to something more you will both enjoy.
  4. Book a couple’s massage. Sometimes a little R&R can help ease any tensions in a relationship and help bond a couple. Make sure you ask for a male or female and do the same for your partner.
  5. Stay in. If you a couple that is usually on the go, try to stay in. Sometimes relaxing and doing the unexpected can be fun. There are a lot of grocery stores that will do Valentine’s dinners for two. If usually has a surf and turf option, which is always delicious. You can grab a bottle of wine, light some candles and voila, a perfect night in.
  6. No Money Needed. If you and your partner do not have any money to spend, then just write a short heartfelt note and leave it somewhere you know they will see it. When my husband and I were going through tight times we would leave each other these notes and it would always make our day better. A long hug and kiss can work wonders as well. This is something that can be brought into your everyday life. Reminding yourself and your spouse why you are together and expressing that love can make you feel light and happy throughout your day.

I hope that this Valentine’s Day, and every other day you have, is filled with love. Just remember, start with yourself and always treat yourself the same way you would treat a loved one. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you are not alone. Self-love and self-care are the foundation of a happy life. No matter how much money you have there is always one way to make it better, and it starts with a smile. Don’t forget ladies, go out there and think, feel and love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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